Fricktal, Jurapark & Environs

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Wegenstetten is a scenic idyllic village with a rural character. It consists almost exclusively of one- or two-family houses. Accordingly, the population has increased rather slowly but continuously over the last hundred years. The village community today consists of just under 1,100 inhabitants.
(Source & further information: Wegenstetten)


The Fricktal has a lot to offer as a leisure region! The Fricktal hilly landscape is nestled between the Rhine and Jura rivers. The cherry trees, for which the Fricktal is known far beyond its borders, bloom in spring. Explore the Fricktal on the Fricktaler Höhenweg, the cherry way or with a hike to the Cheisacherturm.
(Source & further information: Fricktal)


The Jurapark Aargau is a regional nature park of national importance. The park area comprises 27 Aargauer and one Solothurn municipality. It includes the hilly landscape of the Chain and Table Jura between Brugg, Laufenburg Rheinfelden and Aarau.
“Jurapark Aargau offers landscape jewels, natural pearls, palm gold, cultural treasures and a wealth of stones. Landscape jewels include the flowering cherry trees in the Fricktal, the view from the Wasserflue or the Schenkenbergertal flanked by vineyards. The light pine forests, which provide a habitat for rare native orchid species, are a natural pearl. Around 250 certified regional products, from cherry juice to Flösser sausage, are tasty palate gold. The Jurapark is rich in stone with fossils such as ammonites from the Jurassic period. Lively traditions such as the custom of the egg set, which has been celebrated in some villages for decades in spring, are ultimately important cultural treasures.
(Source & further information: Jurapark Aargau)